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January 2008 - Dr. Laurie Levin (310) 286-7474
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Dear Ones, Who is to see the light? What is the light? Where are we going? And who are we? All of these insights are open for discussion. All of these insights are of importance. We now see the results of enough refusals to be in the negative system, that we have banded together and

Dear Ones, Just as the wind blows leaves at our feet, we will see the crisp, new day break one more time. Each one of you has had enough. We are drawn together to see the light of a dawn that will reap the benefits of a new, beautiful beginning. We are here together to

Dear Ones, It is time to see the magic and open your hearts, because nothing like this has shaken your world before. Join in the renegades who still rebel, daring to forge a new course. Please everyone unite and see the light. Here we have a chance to revolt against the very dismay that has

Dear Ones, It has come to my attention that we are opening ourselves to the relinquishing of resistance. Just the other night my girlfriend remarked,”… if we had no resistance, it would all be bland”. My firm belief is that we no longer require resistance to fulfill our worth and lives. We now have all

Dear Ones, This is a time of great regret as our oceans are polluted. We need to stand up to the scrutiny of our neighbors and ask them what we can all do. How are we to help them through the morass of filth that we have put into their fields? How are we to

Dear Ones, Open up your hearts and minds to see yourself. Love all that has happened as a result of your work. Be glad that you have opened up to another experience of joy and love. You are a volunteer to a new frontier. Be aware that you have ancestors who stand before you who

Dear Ones This is another year of great reaping. Make it your own year to remarkably shift, grow, and change. Be of sure footing as you embark on the road to change, for the road has twists of fate and untraveled thistles and thorns. Yet, it is of your own making. You will create the