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This article was first published in 1977 and while important for its time, is probably more meaningful now given the current zeitgeist where possessing psychic abilities is not only much more accepted, but also considered more possible. Two counselors define the ways of dealing with people’s psychic problems. Click here to read the full article..


Orb Research In this revealing and compelling article Dr. Levin talks about the children who are so fresh from heaven and how there is so much we can learn from them about our connection to the divine and unseen world, this includes the appearance of orbs in photographs.  In the picture below you can see


September 20, 2010 One day in 2007, Dr. Giulio Tononi lay on a hospital stretcher as an anesthesiologist prepared him for surgery. For Dr. Tononi, it was a moment of intellectual exhilaration. He is a distinguished chair in consciousness science at the University of Wisconsin, and for much of his life he has been developing