9/29/11 LA 3:57pm – Guest Blogger Kim Hoffman

Dear Highest self –

What is my lord’s prayer:

And the lord sayeth unto you that this is a time of great awareness, many fractures in all dimensions occurring to live anew in the multi-dimensionality of creation.

In every moment of every moment there is only creation and only love. It is the weave of all that has come and all that has gone before. It is the stuff that holds together gossamer threads of unified vibrations holding within each the vastness of all that is, was and ever will be. No more will there be a time because all knowing replaces that linearity of presence. It is only now, it is only presence.

I look at all that has been created in this realm and I feel the enormity and smallness of each moment of existence. All that is to be is here, all that has been is here. There is no other. The souls are united in purpose and at a junction of truth. Step forward if you are on board and step back if you wish to continue living in resistance for it is no longer a viable reason to live.

Beauty takes on all shapes and today on this holiest of days at the beginning of a new year, we mark this dawn by opening our arms to each other, allowing each to be ourselves, to live in our own expression, as long as that expression is based on the commitment to truth and clarity at all times. It is that commitment which allows for trust and love and compassion.

Pray for peace to know that all is here. I am for you as you are for me. The field we create in mutuality and love is complete. The merging of all is here for you to partake and embrace.

I pray for you to pray to stay open and curious and beloved of soul expression and to take in strangers as cherished family, to take in family as cherished self. To cherish and bask in the gratitude of the all for truly it is a wondrous thing to breathe and exchange air for life. In totality we reside side by side.

Channeled Meditation, 9/29/11 LA 3:57pm
Guest Blogger – Kim Hoffman

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8/2/11 LA 2:46pm – Guest Blogger Kim Hoffman

Dear God, please speak:

Dearest Kim,
You have come in to heal your mother wound in this life and with your ancestral line. You are at a point where you have reached the pinnacle of your earthly existence. The universe must now know itself from the standpoint of the giver and the receiver. Separate but equal, separate, yet unified. Your expression as female has been paramount to your existence on this plane. It could only be from this standpoint that you could take in this work of unity. It is the woman’s primary expression to bring together disparate parts, weave them together and create a nest in which to nurture beings created within for survival without.

What can you tell me about the reunification of male and female?

This has been seen as matter and antimatter annihilating each other if coming together. That is what intimacy has meant and why you have resisted it so vehemently – it was literally a matter of life and death. Now it is time to take that male and female energy to see that you are not destroyed but enhanced and made more vast as a unit than as separate beings fighting for separateness. It is a powerful struggle that needs to be overcome by each as they herald in this new time of growth. The male energy has been seen as dark, as resistance, as anti love. On the etheric male energy has been a force of guiding, pushing, forging. Yes loving, but not in the way of female love. Together these two frequencies must now be rejoined as the all is now able to understand itself more than just through two distinct fields of energy. Indeed these distinct fields have kept the flow apart, divided, separate. Each side not knowing or unable to know the other. Your work has been to bring all sides together, all facets sparkling together in a harmony before now only able to exist on the etheric plane.

A shift in consciousness is swiftly approaching. There will be anguish but at long last peace. Yours is to know the difference.

Channeled Meditation, 8/2/11 LA 2:46pm
Guest Blogger – Kim Hoffman

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6/18/10 Santa Monica 3:03pm – Guest Blogger Kim

Sometimes as you travel down your path, your may feel your feet slow, feel your head cloud, feel your spark dim. This may be a sign that you are slipping away from your source and that you have become too reliant on external access and not on internal resources. It may be becoming too easy to absorb the energy of others to be the fuel you use to feel the source. And so this might be the time you have a talk with that highest part of yourself and make the demand that you be willing to be present, to put your self out, give of yourself totally.  Whatever outside source you have used energetically to feel your access to source must be disengaged so that internal access can be reinforced through these demands of total presence.

You might ask why hasn’t the link to source from inside been stronger? In many people’s setups there may have been a great deal of trauma, and many may feel that that there is no safe place to retreat. Additionally, many are locked in survival mode so their focus is always trained to the outside assessing any perceived threat.  In this way they do not develop a strong sense of inner trust. Unfortunately an endless loop develops because there was no trust of either the outside or the inside discouraging the building of any kind of internal foundation because of this endless loop of external survival. And for those trying to continue on their path and live their mission and who need to call on that internal part of themselves so long denied, it is very difficult.

Please understand that it takes much more than the desire to change. There is a physical and emotional reaction to that desire. The surface of you can become like a white-capped sea. But don’t forget that underneath the wild surface the waters flow strong, steady, undeterred.  The true desire to change means being willing to dive below the surface and allow yourself access to the depths. It means releasing the one who is willing to be tossed around on a raft in the heavy seas feeling powerless, and realize that the waters are you.

Once you are willing to dive through the physical and emotional reactions to change, and to take your place in the depths of you, you’ll be able to truly breathe and be an example of authentic living. Always remember to consult self, consult your heart and become friends with your highest self. Be patient. All will be revealed. All will be known. You are taking on your own pattern and the depths you have repressed because you got caught on the surface which served only the immediate gratification of your pattern – not your highest self.

Here is something to keep in mind about where your journey is taking you as your feet find strength and speed again – A life where:  You can live in a world where you can change and express the you that knows. Where you can live in harmony with all parts of yourself, therefore all others. Where personal evolution is easy. Where beauty exists on all planes of realty. Where all expression  is simply that. Expression. Where there is no judgment.

Channeled meditation, 6/18/10 Santa Monica 3:03pm

Kim Hoffman

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5/12/10 Santa Monica 10:35am – Guest Blogger Kim

The subject of children came up last week in terms of their closeness to the source.  I meditated on what children bring to this dimension and was given this channeling:

Let’s talk about children and the legacy they bring with them to this plane. First of all they are the only sentient being that has their universal umbilical cord still intact from other realms. It permeates their life and their play. Their expression, while being learned here, is peppered with other realm dialogue and vocabulary.

While they are in their so-called formative years learning the ways and culture and norms of this reality, their vastness is slowly dissipating. They are molded and trained like vines to grow in one way or another. There traditionally has been no room for other planes of reality to exist other than in their play. Whatever they can imagine is real and is summarily shut down as they get older. By 10 it is gone. Theirs is a life rich in fodder for a new way. Why this is coming up now is to reinvent this clarity that is clouded over as the child grows. There is a clarity of purpose, of mission they come in with that is systematically undermined and suffused with the relative system.  There is immense pressure to conform, as that is the metaphor or symbolic translation of the All. To have some semblance of belonging to the all of the relative system, one must conform to the pervasive definition of reality.

And it is reality itself that is the question here. The lines are blurred and for children reality is in every moment. Every thing is real to them. Hyper real.

What can be said is: the hyper reality that children bring with them is what is at stake here. For children anything is possible, they have about them the only true link to our origins. They exist on and in multi-dimensions. They do not carry this with them, however, it is this link that is now going to be enhanced, activated and kept on. It is turned off, or turned down in most cases, because it would interfere with the reasons why we came to this realm. To understand this link is to understand that what we are requesting is to know again that we are multi dimensional beings, that this plane of existence is not the only one. We ask that what was once known be re-instated.

Channeled Meditation, 5/12/1  10:35am

Kim Hoffman

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Guest Blogger – Kim

Okay, let me first start by admitting that I’m a trekkie — a huge fan  of  the newer series although the original will always be classic!  What I wanted to mention is related to the Star Trek series, Voyager.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately, (especially with such huge life changes, divorce, a move, living with Mom again…) about what it means to absorb these changes and in that process realize that the decisions that led to them are beyond my initial program, my basic personality pattern.  So like the Doctor on “Voyager” who has grown beyond his program due to being out in the Delta Quadrant (and I apologize to those who have no idea what I’m talking about — I swear I have a point!) I find myself  in this interesting place of thinking things and acting in ways that are new to me.  I’m in my own Delta Quadrant without a familiar frame of reference.  It’s scary and exciting and gives new meaning to the cliches of starting over and wiping the slate clean.  I’m creating my own frame of reference in every moment.  I am finding that I’m not acting based on past beliefs or actions, rather taking a pause to see what makes sense NOW.  It’s a very interesting way of being, and I hope, with practice, to continue getting better and better.

Your thoughts and comments are always welcome.  – Kim

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2/8/10 Santa Monica – Guest Blogger Kim

The questions that came out of a seemingly innocent conversation are this:  What does it mean to live a non-descript life?  What does it mean to live in non-description?

I have felt non-descript my entire life – it comes from a place of survival – always the prey never the hunter – blend in or die.  It’s always been such a strong urge – don’t make a sound, don’t make waves —  punished for acting out – punished for making a sound.

My first and second husbands were larger than life – they needed to compensate for my non-description – they had to describe for both themselves and me as I haven’t been able to describe myself to myself. Wanting to hide behind someone else’s description – always more comfortable following but wanting so badly to lead – To me, being non-descript means no borders, freedom of expression, but in reality I am trapped by no borders. I am comfortable in the dark not wanting to turn the light on and feeling the power of seeing out while staying in the dark.

The push / pull of the light and dark is so strong.  Wanting to be in the light but wanting to feel the comfort of the dark.  Sleep has always been so important to me with waking up very difficult, almost painful. In those moments of slumber, I am complete and waking up imposes description and definition.

It is time now for all of this to be released– both sides of description and definition. The understanding must be that I am standing erect, strong, tall, solid, that what is mine to do in every moment is what defines me for that moment. The push pull must now be released so that it is clear, and what is clear is not hampered nor colored by illusion, pre-conceptions, or mis-guided belief systems.  I strive for clarity in every moment, no matter what that means or is.  If it is true for me than it is true. Period. In my connection to God and the All, I no longer need to live a non described, proscribed, or defined existence.  It is up to the moment and to me to be in a state of co-creation and collaboration and improvisation and experience and experimentation, and discovery and that the truth lies within those moments and will truly set me free.  Free from having to live in ways defined by birth and previous experience. The image that comes to mind is to let the molecules of trauma, of all ways in which my pattern was reinforced by pain, fear, punishment, chaos, coldness, mockery, be altered now to beads and to see them roll out of my spine, my being, my soul and absorbed back into the All.

Let time be used now to fill in those moments with love and fulfillment and joy. Let time be the vehicle through which the present is reinvented and refreshed with all that is of love and light and joy and connection. Sing loud, sing clear, dare to buzz louder than the rest, dare to be heard. Dare to say the ‘wrong” thing. It is time to describe myself in a new way. To let the light shine, but not blind. To let the light show me the way that I have described through my intentional desires. To let the light be with me always and in turn be returned.

It is time to know that I have the choice. And in that choice I have freedom to be me. In my endeavor to see, I cannot use the light of illusion to shine the way, I must now to commit to using the light from a deeper place. The light from a million suns, the light of the All, the light of God.  It does not blind, merely illuminates that which is already there. It fills in the shadows, and takes away uncertainty.

And then I received these words from somewhere deep inside — a place of only love, divine love:

Blessed are thou who sees my light, who lives and breathes my light, who takes it in, and exhales —  for it is in that respiration that my light is fully known. Bring to me your darkness so that I may give you light. Bring to me your pain so that I may give you love. Bring to me your sorrow so that I may bring joy. Bring to me your love so that I may return it. Bring to me your hand so that I may hold it. Bring to me your voice so that I may sing with you to the heavens and you will know the glory of your own voice. Bring to me your path so that I may walk with you.  Know that in my glory is you.

Channeled Meditation, 2/8/10 Santa Monica 3:01pm
Kim Hoffman

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Guest Blogger – Kim

“The D Word… ”

Oh those things we remember so clearly.

When my husband proposed.  The many times over the tumultuous years of marriage my husband promised to change and that our life would be better.   Telling my husband that I was moving to pursue a new career opportunity and him asking me if that was the end of our relationship.  Telling him that it was a good time to take a break.  And now over the New Year’s weekend, after not seeing him for 6 months, him asking me if I was 100% sure that I was happier alone in a different city than together with him.  I  paused for only a millisecond, grappling with that life-changing word, before I said yes.  He cried; I remained stoic, as I have for the past 5 years.  But we hugged and both agreed that divorce was the best course of action.  It was only then that I could be sad.  That I could cry and bemoan the many years of trying to salvage our relationship.  Living with hope that things would indeed be different, that our life would somehow, miraculously, get better. Ah hope…

Hope is a destructive and blinding emotion.  Covering facts and revelations and gut knowings with a sticky, filmy goo that binds pieces of reality together in a way that is splintered to form a more livable, palatable reality and making it difficult to envisage anything else.

I’ve spent the past six months washing the goo from my eyes, my hair, my hands, my life.  I didn’t realize the effort I was expending trying to slog my way through our life together, day after day keeping up a positive front, not really happy, but not desperately unhappy.  That hope of a better life keeping me woefully befuddled living in a trance-like state fueled by denial and distracted by TV.

Now with the big D word out of the way, I can breathe more freely and truly see a new way to live.  I realized that my husband might never find his path in the world.  And I no longer wanted to be there using my own light to illuminate the way. I need it for my own path.  And acknowledging that, owning MY light, for me, alone, is all I need.

For those of you who have been through this, or are going through this, I wish you well.  Keep your own light burning bright, and KNOW that you will find yourself at the end of the tunnel back in the bright sunshine, ready for YOUR new life.

- Kim

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Guest Blogger – Kim

Is change the goal or is it a result or by-product of deeper understanding?

All of us, whether we admit it or not, are afraid of change.  What is it about the word, the concept that seems to elicit so much fear?  Is it that we are breaking commitments to ourselves about who we think we are? Iis it that we’re afraid that change will bring an unknown or unknowable state?  Interesting that we have no concept of change as that which is a natural state of evolution – that as we grow up and mature and come to a greater understanding of our own nature, changes occurs that simply reflect these new insights.  Change is not a cataclysmic event.  Rather it is the result of our continued growth.  We’ll always know who we are.  Don’t let the fear of change hamper your efforts to understand yourself more deeply – or vice versa!  Live, love, grow.

- Kim

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Guest Blogger – Kim

Consult, consult, consult.  These words ring through my head as I try to take a pause from my busy day.  It’s funny that the shortcuts I think I’m taking by going on auto-pilot, or  doing things by rote because I’ve done them a million times, aren’t really short cuts.  They’ve become more ways I cut off my connection to myself.  Granted it takes a little practice to continuously “self-consult” but I learned today that it can save so much time and confusion when you start with a clear purpose in the first place.  For example one seemingly innocuous phone conversation to make a hair appointment turned into 4 call-backs because I didn’t check with my inner-knowing to feel if the person to whom I was referred would be right for me.  I agreed based on scheduling and price.  Now everything may have been just fine, and my hair may not have caught on fire, but the point is it’s so important, even with the easiest of tasks, to take that moment, and simply ask if this feels right.  It’s all about taking that pause to break the reverie of a pre-conceived notion.  Question everything!!  Don’t take the easy stuff for granted.  Be present!  Ask yourself does this feel right?  And most importantly, be willing to wait for the answer.

… Kim H.

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