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Dear Ones, As David Bowie wrote in the 80′s, “Love is the key we must turn”, opening one’s heart may be the most difficult job one will ever undertake, as we are conditioned to respond defensively. That is our mechanism to protect our softest place: our heart. There is much written and much debated to

Dear Ones, Just as the sea comes rolling in to the shore, just as the bills of the birds peck their way into existence, we are now called to regain our standing on this planet earth. For eons we have made many mistakes. We have let our waters be polluted, we have let our earth

Dear Ones, Each segment of loving regard is filled with the LIGHT. We are all subjects for the universal energies of LOVE and LIGHT. We are all the ones who tell the story of LOVE and LIGHT. Let us now see ourselves as the empty vessels in which to reap the fulfillment of LOVE and

Dear Ones, All the world is ripe for the gifts of love of self and others at the same time. Just imagine a time in a very soon where there are results. Look to the ways where we have lifted lives. Look to the ways we have revealed lives. Offer the timing up to the

  Dear Ones, Hear the clamor of children’s voices, and sing. Each and every one of us will see our lives of light and see our lives of dark. We must all find the meaning in our own life. We must find the opening of our world view we’ve been longing for. We come and

Dear Ones, We are here to give ALL the feeling and energetic expression of love and regard for self and others at the same time. It is an energetic feeling from frequencies we can help create all over the world. Assistance is available, our job is only to receive and let our prayers be answered..

Dear Ones, After an arduous trip to India, I began to understand the meaning of world peace. We must not require unrest and discontent to define a need for peace. Peace must come from an internal sense of self love. All else will emanate from your sense of self love, and the knowing that self

Dear Ones, Who is to see the light? What is the light? Where are we going? And who are we? All of these insights are open for discussion. All of these insights are of importance. We now see the results of enough refusals to be in the negative system, that we have banded together and

Dear Ones, Just as the wind blows leaves at our feet, we will see the crisp, new day break one more time. Each one of you has had enough. We are drawn together to see the light of a dawn that will reap the benefits of a new, beautiful beginning. We are here together to

Dear Ones, It is time to see the magic and open your hearts, because nothing like this has shaken your world before. Join in the renegades who still rebel, daring to forge a new course. Please everyone unite and see the light. Here we have a chance to revolt against the very dismay that has